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Integrated Equity Support



The Integrated Equity Support (IES) works to remove barriers and biases that disadvantage under-represented women minorities and women faculty of color, with a special focus on those with family responsibilities, in part through cross-institutional programming that allows universities to tap into additional diversity-related resources they may not have on campus. This includes cross-institutional mentoring communities and department chair training. In addition, the Allies and Advocates program  engages organizational elements not traditionally involved in gender equity, thereby expanding an institution’s capacity to affect organizational change. The Women’s Caucus is a cross-institutional forum for shared discussions of what works and what does not work as well as for finding and sharing educational events that support the other initiatives. Through these grassroots efforts, the IES seeks as its larger goal to value difference and re-vision more inclusive STEM cultures, aligning well with the institutionally-transformative frames of how organizations work toward gender equity.


We draw on the best practice of creating joint diversity initiatives that can serve to support each other within and across institutions. Research indicates that many diversity initiatives, such as diversity training, generate disappointing results in part because they are stand-alone programs that are not reinforced or supported with other related programming (Bezrukova, et al., 2016; Rynes & Rosen, 1995). 

Following are links to a set of videos created in another ADVANCE program in which this need to approach diversity practices from multiple levels while tailoring programming to context is discussed. Additionally, you will find slide sets that illustrate our IES concept.

Laursen, S. L., & Austin, A. E. (2014). StratEGIC Toolkit: Strategies for Effecting Gender Equity and Institutional Change. Boulder, CO, and East Lansing, MI.

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Schematic of the Integrated Equity Support (IES) solution.










  • IES ADVANCE Midwest Partnership presentations 

    The following presentations/graphics demonstrate the conceptual framework and benefits of the Integrated Equity Solution (IES).

Below is a video introduction to the integrated package of programs in the Partnership.