Integrated Equity Support

The Integrated Equity Support (IES) package can improve department climate, culture, and outcomes. The IES addresses these elements through a systemic expansion of material and professional support at the faculty, department, and university levels targeted at removing barriers and biases that disadvantage URWM and WFC, and concurrently increasing the workplace satisfaction, professional resources, and personal confidence of these faculty. The IES integrated solution can support gender equity initiatives in unique ways, including the proposed models of cross-institutional mentoring communities and department chair training. Furthermore, CI-A&A programs engage organizational elements not traditionally involved in gender equity, thereby expanding an institution’s capacity to effect organizational change. Through grassroots efforts, the IES seeks as its larger goal to value difference and re-vision more inclusive STEM cultures, aligning well with the institutionally- transformative frames of how organizations work toward gender equity.

IES logo
Schematic of the Integrated Equity Support (IES) solution.