Evaluation and Assessment

Project evaluation activities for the ADVANCE Midwest Partnership have three foci: 1. Evaluation of the content and implementation quality of each of the  intervention components (CIMC, A&A, and DCPD, IES Caucus); 2. Evaluation of the added benefit due to adding components of the Integrated Equity Support package for each partner location (MTU, NDSU, ISU); 3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the IES package as a whole at the WMU test site. The evaluation team will consist of Brandi Geisinger (ISU), Ann Burnett (NDSU), Chris Woijick (MTU), and Lori Wingate (WMU).

Karen Zunkel and Brandi Geisinger
Karen Zunkel (left), Director of Institutional Research at ISU, and Brandi Geisinger, ISU project evaluator, at March 2, 2020 project meeting.
Lori Wingate and Ann Burnett
Lori Wingate (WMU) and Ann Burnett (NDSU) working on the project evaluation plan at the March 2 meeting.