Department Chairs Professional Development

Department Chair Professional Development focuses on professional development for department chairs. This program is a critical program given the significance of perceptions of lack of chair support in decisions to leave by under-represented women faculty and women faculty of color. The program emphasizes educating chairs on the complexities of  issues such as caregiving penalties, tokenism, implicit biases, and microbehaviors as well as strategies for enhancing departmental climate via proactive policies and obtaining and examining regular feedback on managerial practices. It is intended to inspire chairs as change agents within their own departments, across their own campuses, and at times across multiple universities. 

Carla Koretsky, Patty Sotirin and Gul Okudan Kremer
Carla Koretsky (left, back, WMU), Patty Sotirin (middle, MTU) and Gul Okudan Kremer (ISU) discuss the department chair professional development at the March 2 meeting.