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Department Chairs Professional Development

The Cross-Institutional Department Chair Professional Development program provides forums for institutions to share best practices and resources towards the goal of supporting faculty success. Under-represented women faculty and women faculty with familial responsibilities navigate complex issues, such as caregiving penalties, tokenism, implicit biases, and historic departmental practices that were not designed with a diverse faculty in mind. These cross-institutional workshops are intended to inspire chairs as change agents within their own departments, across their own campuses, and at times across multiple universities. Workshop topics include performance management, department climate, faculty work-life flexibility, and equity and inclusion.


The workshops include presentations that describe scholarship and best practices in a topic area, followed by interactive, cross-institutional discussion sessions in which chairs meet in small groups.  Department chairs share questions and experiences, and institutional leaders provide information on local resources.

Carla Koretsky, Patty Sotirin and Gul Okudan Kremer
Carla Koretsky (left, back, WMU), Patty Sotirin (middle, MTU) and Gul Okudan Kremer (ISU) discuss the department chair professional development at the March 2, 2020 meeting.