Off to a great start: March 2 project meeting report

Content Author:
Cinzia Cervato

Participants in the ADVANCE Midwest Partnership project convened at Iowa State University on March 2, 2020 to review the progress made since the start of the project on October 1, 2019, and to plan the way forward.

The meeting started with a review of the long-term goals of the project, and an overview of the history, administrative structure, and policies relevant for the project goals currently in place at the partner institutions. Project teams met during concurrent sessions in the morning and afternoon to lay out the implementation plan and timeline. This includes the launch of the Advocates & Allies program at ISU in fall 2020, the piloting of the CIMCs in spring 2020 with a larger group starting in fall 2020. Review of materials used for the department chairs professional development program at ISU, and planning for implementation at NDSU, MTU, and WMU took place in the afternoon. A team discussed the Integrated Equity Support plan and the women caucus activities in place at the College of Arts and Sciences at WMU for several years.

The final session engaged the 16 participants into a discussion on the Integrated Equity Support and dissemination plans to other midwestern institutions.

Gul Kremer and Carla Koretsky
Gul Okudan Kremer (ISU) and Carla Koretsky (WMU) present the department chair program.

Robert Reason, Deirdre Voldseth, Cinzia Cervato
From left: Deirdre Voldseth (NDSU), Robert Reason (ISU) and Cinzia Cervato (ISU).
Gul Kremer, Carla Koretsky, and Lori Wingate
Carla Koretsky (center) discusses the women caucus program at WMU where she is the dean of liberal arts and sciences. To her right is Gul Okudan Kremer (ISU, chair of IMSE department); left is Lori Wingate (WMU).
Patty Sotirin and Ann Burnett
Patty Sotirin (MTU, left) and Ann Burnett (NDSU).

Around the table from the left: Brandi Geisinger (ISU), Sonia Goltz (MTU), Patty Sotirin (MTU), Carla Koretsky (back, WMU) and Lori Wingate (back, WMU).

From left: Brandi Geisinger (ISU), Sonia Goltz (MTU), Patty Sotirin (MTU) and Ann Burnett (NDSU).
Robert Reason and Cinzia Cervato
Robert Reason (ISU) and Cinzia Cervato (ISU).

Raj Raman and Roger Green
Raj Raman (ISU, left) and Roger Green (NDSU) plan the launch of the Advocates & Allies program at ISU. Roger Green leads this male advocacy initiative that originated at NDSU and has been implemented at several campuses across the US, including Michigan Tech.
Ann Burnett and Cinzia Cervato
Cinzia Cervato (left) and Ann Burnett under the Campanile on ISU campus.

Ann Burnett and Deirdre Voldseth
Deirdre Voldseth (left) and Ann Burnett admire the butterflies at Reiman Gardens.

Ann Burnett
Ann Burnett, director of women and gender studies program at NDSU, poses on the Plaza of Heroines in front of Catt Hall.
Karen Zunkel and evaluation team
Karen Zunkel (left, director of Institutional Research at ISU) meets with the evaluation team. From left: Brandi Geisinger (ISU), Lori Wingate (WMU) and Ann Burnett (NDSU). Connected via Zoom is Chris Woijick (MTU).
Adrienne Minerick
Adrienne Minerick (MTU) leads the CIMC project.