This section includes news releases about the project and, more in general, studies on gender and diversity with particular emphasis on STEM disciplines.

  • Scientist at microscope.

    Fostering a Sense of Belonging in STEM

    The myth that underrepresented students leave science because they can't keep up reflects an unwillingness to deal with the truth that it's we who must change, writes Kerstin M. Perez.

  • University of Houston faculty

    Diversity Without Dollars

    You think you can't afford to transform your faculty? The University of Houston begs to differ.

  • Many women. Source: Getty Images

    A Survival Guide for Black, Indigenous, and Other Women of Color in Academe

    How to protect your bright mind from the drain of everyday racism you may encounter in academic life. An article by Aisha S. Ahmad published in The Chronicle of Higher Education on July 6, 2020.

  • Woman scholar climbing stairs wearing mask. Stavreva

    Measures to Support Faculty During COVID-19

    The pandemic has amplified pre-existing inequities among faculty members, creating distinct challenges for differently situated ones, write Ethel L. Mickey, Dessie Clark and Joya Misra.

  • People in a classroom

    Faculty Work Activity Dashboards: A Strategy to Increase Transparency

    This article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, by O'Meara and colleagues, speaks to department chairs, faculty leaders, deans and provosts seeking to make faculty workload more transparent and equitable.

  • Graph of preprint publications by women scholars showing decline in 2020

    Something's Got to Give

    Women's journal submission rates fell as their caring responsibilities jumped due to COVID-19. Without meaningful interventions, the trend is likely to continue.

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    Texas A&M's ACES Fellows Program's Applications due October 1, 2020

    Texas A&M University’s ACES Fellows Program is a two-year (24 month) fellowship for early career PhDs. Applicants should have earned their PhD between January 1, 2017 and July 1, 2021. Fellows begin their appointment fall 2021.

  • This is why I can't answer your email, tweeted Miriam Posner, who has two young children.

    Babar in the Room

    According to data from COACHE's Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey, 53 percent of faculty members are parents. About 16 percent are parents to an infant, toddler or pre-school child. One-third are parents to a school-aged child. Sixteen percent have a college-aged child and 12 percent are caregivers for a dependent adult.

    Despite that, Kiernan Mathews, director of COACHE said, institutional responses are few and far between. 

  • Women students in lab. Photo from Carnegie Mello University

    Language may undermine women in science and tech

    Despite decades of positive messaging to encourage women and girls to pursue education tracks and careers in STEM, women continue to fall far below their male counterparts in these fields. A new study at Carnegie Mellon University examined 25 languages to explore the gender stereotypes in language that undermine efforts to support equality across STEM career paths. The results are available in the August 3rd issue of Nature Human Behavior.

  • Children playing in backyard

    Fall's Looming Child-Care Crisis

    Welcome to the fall of 2020, a semester that will test the endurance, flexibility, and finances of parents everywhere. Both K-12 and college schedules are expected to keep shifting to reflect the changing risks posed by Covid-19. Children who start out in classrooms may end up studying from home for longer than their exhausted parents had counted on. That could cause a child-care dilemma for parents whose own schedules and workplaces are in flux.

  • Photo of Dr. Autumn Green

    Closing University Child Care Centers Hurts Both Student Parents and Future Educators

    "Across the country, early childhood care and education programs have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most closed in March, and though some are reopening as they are allowed by states, it’s expected that many will never reopen. These programs were financially precarious before the pandemic, and after months of closures and now with new regulations around cleaning and social distancing, it’s tough to make the numbers add up." 

  • Colleen Flaherty

    Perceptions of Productivity and Parenting

    "Rather than gender, the researchers found that the biggest productivity gap during the pandemic might be between parents and nonparents",  says Colleen Flaherty citing the working paper by Breuning et al. in Political Science Education and Profession.

  • Changes in levels and allocations of work time (Myers et al., 2020)

    Unequal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientists

    COVID-19 has not affected all scientists equally. A survey of principal investigators indicates that female scientists, those in the ‘bench sciences’ and, especially, scientists with young children experienced a substantial decline in time devoted to research. This could have important short- and longer-term effects on their careers, which institution leaders and funders need to address carefully.

  • Screenshot of introductory video link

    MOOC on Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom: starts October 1 and runs for 5 weeks

    Cornell University is offering a free MOOC on Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom. It starts on October 1 and runs for the five weeks. Almost 6000 faculty have already enrolled!

    Alternatively, you can request a facilitator's guide to run a faculty learning community at your institution using this form.

  • Science Lab from Getty Images

    Women researchers are publishing less since the pandemic hit. What can their employers do to help?

    “If you’re a woman and you have small children at home, or you have to take care of an ailing relative or your household, it is much more difficult to have three days or four days where you can just travel,” Bredella said. 

    Recipients will also benefit from mentorship at the institution they’re visiting, Bredella added.

    “I cannot emphasize this enough — how important it is to have a diverse set of mentors around the world in different areas,” she said.

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